The Steel division of R2 Comex specializes in trading and representation of stainless steel and carbon in its most varied form (tubes, bars, coils, etc.), which are used in a wide range of segments, such as:


Real Estate Management

Chemical industry

Food industry

Electrical and Electronics

Consumer Goods

Hospital Physician


Public Utility



Professional and kitchen knives, spatula, shafts, surgical and dental instruments, rulers, meters, gears, pins, bearings.

Tables, panels, coating equipment, used in moderately corrosive environments (vegetables, fruits, beverages, dry foods).

Tubes, basins, pipes, pipes, parts of machines (components that require conformation and weldability.

Components used with more corrosive foods (meat / blood, foods with moderate salt content, cleaned frequently).

For structural purposes; Hardware; Transport equipment; Aircraft; Fittings for poles; Automobiles, trucks: bodywork, railway cars.

Known as the 304 steel substitute, but with less nickel. Usually used in household utensils, decorative, stairs, hooks.

Body, home appliance, electronic, storage, logistics, molds.

Construction, agricultural industry, poultry farming, heavy construction, shipbuilding.

Wire drawing, nails, nuts, bolts, thread, tooling and dies, springs.

Furniture industry, motorcycle parts, bicycles, domestic utility, food industry.

Auto parts, leisure and sport, agricultural implements, parts such as axles, gear.

Wire drawing, nails, nuts, bolts, thread, fermentation and dies, springs.